devopsbenefitsThere are many DevOps benefits.  Here are a few:

  • Improved quality of software deployments.  Developing and testing more frequently produces a much improved quality product.
  • Frequent software releases.  Having more frequent software releases gives the business what they need to be successful.
  • Faster business response.  Times are changing rapidly and that requires businesses to adjust quickly to their competitors.
  • More Agile development.  Since there has been a big push towards Agile, there needs to be a greater amount of collaboration between teams and requires continuous delivery of code into production.
  • Improved visibility into IT.  IT is notorious for not keeping the business informed on what is going on within IT.  DevOps helps to improve this communication and provides an additional layer of transparency that adds value to any organization.
  • Greater collaboration.  Perhaps one of the best DevOps benefits is the amount of collaboration that Agile brings to the table.  Product owners, developers and testers are working closer together and producing much better results than ever before.

As DevOps evolves there will be more benefits in terms of efficiency that will occur.