Quality engineering Over the past several years DevOps and Cloud has gained significant traction.  While these time are truly exciting it must be carefully managed.  DevOps and Cloud enable companies the engage and build tremendous technology at lightning speed.  It must be carefully managed and controlled, especially with so much on the line.  Major industries such as banking, insurance and telecom are transforming the way they run technology and will enable their business domains to move much faster and respond to customer needs.

Traditional ways of software testing will no longer work and a Qualtiy Engineering practice will need to be quickly adopted.  The big Testing Centers of Excellence will need to be overhauled and new skill sets will need to be learned.  In order for Quality Engineering practices to really work QA testers will need to evolve and have a development background and mindset.  The Quality Engineers will need to be capable to leverage multiple tools and understand how the full technology stack works.

Flexibility will also be required due to the evolution in DevOps and Cloud.  Tools will evolve and Quality Engineering will need to adapt.  It is really important for Quality Analytics to be captured so that contious improvements can be made.  Without measurement and refinement organzations will stall and struggle to adapt.  Integration with tools and applications will become more and more important.  Repetitive manual tasks will need to be replaced with automation so that resources can focus on building a quality product.

Many organizations have embraced Cloud and most organizations will be Cloud dependent by 2020 according to Gartner.  Companies that currently have a No Cloud policy today will evolve to be on Cloud platforms tomorrow.

Qualtity Engineering is here and it is a must for organizations moving forward.