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What is Octopus?

Just like build servers made build automation easy, Octopus Deploy exists to make deployment automation easy. Over the last four years, Octopus Deploy has quickly become the most popular .NET deployment server.

Octopus takes over where your build server finishes. The build server builds the code and runs tests, while Octopus takes care of deployment. Octopus has deep integration with JetBrains TeamCity and Microsoft Team Foundation Server, and has a command line application for creating and deploying releases that can be integrated with any build server.

Octopus also comes with a comprehensive REST API and a .NET client library; anything that can be done through the UI can be done through the API. In fact, we built the UI and all of the integrations on top of that REST API.


Key Features

  • Distributing applications to all the remote machines, securely
  • Environment-specific configuration, like connection strings
  • Configuring IIS sites and installing Windows Services
  • Doing all of the above across many machines in parallel

Why use TestPlatform.io?

We make it super easy to install Octopus locally, virtually, or in the cloud within minutes.

In addition we are doing the following:

  • Current Versions.  We keep up with the latest Octopus code versions and let you know when a new update is available.
  • Secure.  If serious security patches need to be installed, we will let you know so you can be rest assured Octopus will remain secure.
  • Tested.  We ensure all Octopus builds have been tested on our platform prior to code releases.

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